Nicole Sciacca is a yoga teacher, FRCms, professional dancer, actress, host, personal trainer and most importantly a mother to her 8 year old son, Beau. She prides herself on nurturing her client’s sense of self while optimizing their performance, potential, and personal recovery. Nicole uses her sense of humor, decades of experience, and energy to inspire and empower individuals, small groups, and packed rooms. Nicole has trained teens, young adults, new moms, elite athletes and A list celebrities. She has been studying the Functional Range System and Postural Restoration Institute for the past 4 years and is a proponent of sharpening the basics of healthy, optimal movement.

From 2016 to 2020, she was the Chief Yoga Officer of PLAYLIST. Yoga in West Hollywood, where she spearheaded class programming and vetted the teachers to turn each class into the kind of unique, music-driven experience that earned Playlist the nickname “The SoulCycle Of Yoga.” Prior to PLAYLIST., Nicole was the founder of Hustle & Flow Fitness, an indoor cycling and yoga hybrid studio, on Abbott Kinney in Venice, California.

Nicole believes that everyone is at their best when they feel good in their skin and can embody that sense of self with confidence and agency each and every day. The simple truth is we need connection. Establishing a community of like minded individuals, who feel safe and supported, Nicole plants the seeds needed for transformation. Please find this virtual space a home for the progression of your highest good. Stay connected by joining the email list below to read Nicole's weekly email, learn about her upcoming Children's book, and local and international retreats to come.
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