How is this different from other on demand sites:
Most on demand fitness sites are a single modality or two. My platform offers 3 distinct modalities that specifically compliment one another and guided meditations that can stand alone. Kinstretch itself is an assessment of joint quality. Once you know where you have limitations and have a plan for improving them, you can make better educated choices about how you train. The yoga flows are intelligent, inclusive, and stand as a workout for the body and mind. Sweat and Stillness provides cathartic expression through movement. We keep the heart pumping while asking you to pay closer attention to what you are feeling, followed by 10 minutes of present moment awareness. The guided audio meditations can be played on any device at any time. (Please never play the sleep meditations while driving.) My hope is that this platform provides options for your complete mind and body integration.

How do I pace or plan my workouts? My answer is always “it depends”. Any fitness trainer giving arbitrary blanket instructions on what to do and when should be questioned. I always begin my one on one sessions with the CARS routine to assess overall joint health and make informed decisions about the individuals next right step. If you have a yoga practice, perhaps start with the yoga classes. If you are coming off an injury, feeling inflammed, tight, or immobile I’d suggest beginning with Kinstretch and I’d DEFINITELY recommend an in person (live class) for your first attempt if possible. If you know your body well and train multiple modalities already, adding in Sweat + Stillness could be a fun way to tone and lighten up your day. All three modalities compliment one another beautifully. I encourage you to try them all and please reach out if you've got questions.

There are only 10 meditations. Will you record more? YES! More on the way. And good news, every Sweat + Stillness class ends with a 10 min guided meditation that can be played on its own...So technically there are upward of 30 meditations at your disposal. 

How do I know if it’s for me? I tell new teachers and students alike; you must feel connected to your teacher. I can’t state for sure if I’m “your person” but I can tell you that my mission is to uplift, inspire, educate, entertain and enhance all aspects of you. Molding your highest good takes consistency and trust. I hope to earn your trust class after class. And let’s be honest, there’s a chance I’m not your person. You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time. I’ll be sad to see you go, for sure...but if I know anything, following your intuition is a non-negotiable.

You do not need motivation to get started, you need to START to get motivation.
You're worth it. Let's get going..